Fume Extractor - Key Features Fabricators Should Go After

20 July 2023
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Fume extractors are pivotal safety devices that pull contaminants from the air during fabrications like grinding and welding. If you need to buy one, try getting the following features. 

Multiple Operator Support

Around your work environment, it is common for multiple fabricators to work around each other. In that case, find a fume extractor offering multiple operator support so that everyone in the same area can breathe in pure air, regardless of their fabrications. 

These extractors should have multiple filters and suction zones that all work in unison to provide a safer work environment for fabricators. You may pay more for such a model, but the added costs are worth being able to work around others safely. 

Optimal Particulate Compatibility 

Not all fume extractors are capable of filtering the same type of particulates. For instance, some models may focus strictly on toxic chemicals, while others treat wood particulates better when cutting is involved. As such, verify that your fume extractor offers compatible particulate support.

Examine your fabrication operations and see what particulates come from them, whether it's wood pieces, smoke, or something much worse. Once you have the right particulates pinpointed, you can focus on extractors that give you the best performance. 

Compact Model 

Fume extractors are available in many sizes. If you need an extractor that's easy to move around your worksite, look for a compact model. Since it won't be big and heavy, you shouldn't struggle to transport it from one spot to the next. 

An easy way to assess the compactness of a fume extractor is to review its dimensions, which should be available online in the extractor's description, or you can examine these machines in person to verify that you get enough compactness to make transportation user-friendly. 

Proven Performance 

When you weld or cut materials, you don't want to take any chances with air quality. Instead, you must ensure no particulates circulate the air you breathe constantly around a work environment. Along these lines, find a fume extractor with proven performance. 

That means the manufacturer that put it together has conducted practical tests, proving the extractor works effectively at sucking up particulates floating around in the air. These tests give you all the assurances you need to keep a safe work environment, regardless of the fabrications that happen around it. 

A fume extractor can purify the air when you perform fabrications like welding, cutting, and grinding. You'll remain happy with your extractor's performance if you go after the right features/capabilities. Reach out to fume extractors near you to learn more.