Commercial Coffee Makers For The Restaurant Industry

27 September 2022
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A commercial coffee maker can become a valuable asset to your restaurant business. You will have the capability to make freshly brewed products each day, plus may be supplied with a viable way to produce high volumes of caffeinated beverages. 

Your Beverage Lineup

The volume of coffee that you plan on preparing and the actual product line that will be featured on your restaurant's menu should be determined. Commercial-grade coffee models may be capable of producing single pots or large amounts of beverages on demand. A coffee manufacturer will provide details about the canister or carafe size that a unit features and the volume of water that can be heated up inside of a coffee maker at any one time.

If you plan on selling caffeinated and decaffeinated beverages, look into the purchase of a coffee maker that contains multiple preparation stations. This type of machine may be programmable, which will allow you to prepare coffee as soon as your restaurant opens.

Cleaning Capabilities And Storage

A self-cleaning unit that contains a filtration device can be used to keep your new equipment maintained. A self-cleaning feature will save time in restaurant environments that tend to get busy. Industrial coffee makers may contain cup holders, dispenser anchoring equipment, and storage for straws, creamers, and other supplies that are needed to prepare each cup of coffee.

If you are going to be offering a truly customized coffee service, you will greatly benefit by having storage equipment available that will help you keep all of your coffee supplies at your fingertips. As each coffee beverage is prepared, you can retrieve items from the storage compartments and use them to customize the beverage.

Ease Of Use

Training new coffee baristas will take time. The success of your training attempts may be dependent upon the type of coffee maker that you supply your staff with. If you have a lot of employees, you may want to invest in a coffee maker that will be relatively easy to use. A coffee maker that contains many brewing functions will allow your staff members to make consistent batches of coffee.

Upon purchasing a new coffee maker and supplies, practice using the equipment. A large maker that is designed for the restaurant industry may take a while to set up. Review all of the functions that the new maker comes with, before preparing the very first batch of coffee.