Metric Fastener Lubrication And Organization Techniques

29 July 2022
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Metric fasteners are standard accessories that are used in building industries. Fasteners require adequate storage and classification considerations. Properly storing and organizing a series of fasteners will protect the hardware pieces and make them easy to access. 

Lubrication Requirements

Purchasing a lot of metric fasteners and then leaving them exposed to humidity could affect the quality of each fastener. Metric fasteners may be coated or uncoated. Hot-dip galvanized fasteners will preserve metal surfaces. These types of fasteners will not require any lubrication. Metric fasteners that do not contain a hot-dip coating or another type of protective coating are prone to oxidation.

Corroded surfaces could make it difficult or impossible to use a metric fastener. Using a lubrication product will protect the new fasteners that you need to store at your place of business. A lubricant can be sprayed or brushed across metal surfaces. A spray can be administered quickly and will not make as much of a mess as a lubricant product that is designed to be brushed on. 

Storage Requirements

The best storage for a series of metric fasteners is a unit that contains a lid and a handle. Some manufacturers sell portable chests that are designed for separating and storing metric fasteners. A chest may contain multiple tiers, which can each be used to store a series of fasteners and tools that are needed when securing fasteners to building materials that are being joined together.

First, assess your inventory. If you are going to be storing fasteners independently, you will need access to a portable chest that contains enough storage slots for all of the fastener sizes that you own. If you own fasteners that contain nuts or washers, you may wish to keep all of the fastener pieces lined up. This may necessitate the use of a chest that contains deeper and wider storage slots.

A fancy chest may contain labels or engravings that indicate which industrial fastener type should be stored inside of each storage slot. A chest like this may contain adequate storage room for the most popular fastener sizes. Shop for a chest that you can use to store fasteners at your place of business and use when you are performing field services. If you are a carpenter or a construction worker by trade, you will probably want to have access to a storage chest that you can bring along with you to each work site where you will be performing work duties.