Keys To Designing An Optimized Teardrop Pallet Rack Solution

6 June 2022
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If you want to easily organize products around your work site, teardrop pallet racks are phenomenal solutions. They're easy to set up and can be designed in a lot of ways. In terms of design, here are a few tips that can help you optimize this racking system in no time. 

Talk to a Pallet Rack Engineer

Before you start going down particular paths with how a teardrop pallet rack is going to be designed, it helps to talk to an engineer that puts these rack solutions together for a living. They can help you weigh important factors like available space, products being supported, and adjustability.

Then you can narrow in on particular pallet rack designs that have the best chance of working out long-term. A pallet rack engineer can also show you what's possible from a design standpoint so that you remain rooted in reality and thus make a safe and practical racking system at the end.

Make Sure Maintenance Isn't Difficult

One of the more important qualities to get in a teardrop pallet rack system is user-friendly maintenance. Then you won't have to spend all of your time inspecting parts of this racking system and cleaning them with different products. The rack system will remain in good shape on its own for the most part.

There are a couple of ways you can design said solution, such as making the teardrop pallet rack as simplistic as possible. You should also eliminate crevices and nooks that are hard to reach because that will simplify cleaning in a major way. 

Design With Your Products in Mind

If you want a teardrop pallet rack holding your products well for the time that they're stored in your work facility, then what you need to do is take them into account when designing this solution from the ground up. They should be your focal point the entire time when designing this solution in fact. 

Use your products to help you make key design decisions, such as how big this racking system is going to be, the materials it will feature, and the total amount of weight it will hold in a safe manner.

If you're looking to construct a teardrop pallet rack system inside your facility as to store different products, make sure you refine your designs as best you can. Then this system will work great and remain safe to be around over the years.