3 Different Types Of Rubber Molding

22 February 2022
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When it comes to creating rubber products, the exact manufacturing process that your custom rubber parts will undergo depends upon the size of the product you are making. The three primary processes that are used to create custom rubber products include compression, extrusion, and injection modeling. These three different processes allow for the creation of different rubber-sized products. Each of these methods can be used to create rubber products of different degrees of complexity.    

Rubber Molding Process #1: Rubber Compression Molding  

When it comes to creating rubber parts, one of the most common manufacturing methods used to create rubber products is rubber compression molding. Rubber compression molding is used to make products that are larger in size but that you don't need a high volume of. This is a cost-effective manner of producing larger and more intricate items, but you need a low volume. It is an old method of making rubber parts and is an effective manufacturing method.   

Rubber Molding Process #2: Rubber Injection Molding  

Another way to make rubber molding parts is by using rubber inject molding. This is another cost-effective manufacturing method. This process works by putting rubber into a high-pressure cavity. The mold is injected into a cavity under high pressure and heat to create and craft products.   

Rubber injection molding can be used in a wide range of products. It can be used to make simple rubber products and more complex products. It can be used for both low and high-production quality needs.  

Rubber Molding Process #3: Rubber Extrusion Molding  

Finally, you can use rubber extrusion molding. With this process, rubber is pushed through a die. The die is shaped and made like the end product. This process is used to make things that have a fixed profile.   

There are two different types of extrusion molding methods that can be used: hot feed and cold feed. The rubber is heated up with hot feed before processing through the die-cast. The rubber is used in a die-cast at room temperature with the cold feed method.   

If you need to make a product from rubber, there are various manufacturing methods you can use to create rubber outcomes, such as compression molding, injection molding, and extrusion molding. All three of those manufacturing methods work with rubber; that is why you are going to want to talk to a rubber parts manufacturer in order to determine what method is the best for your particular business needs. 

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