3 Benefits Of Robotic Welding Solutions

7 January 2022
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While experienced welders can do a good job, some companies automate some or all of their welding work. They use robotic welding solutions. What are the advantages of adding automation to your welding jobs?

1. Consistent Results

Even fully-trained and experienced welders will struggle to create consistent welds all of the time. If someone is tired or distracted, then some of their welds might be thicker or thinner than others. If they rush to finish a job, then they might not create a completely clean and professional finish.

If you use a robotic welding system, then you get complete consistency. Once the robotic welder has its programmed instructions, it will perform the same welds over and over again. The welds will be the same from start to finish. The welder won't make mistakes because the machine won't get tired, distracted, or stressed. You remove human error from your jobs.

2. Faster Production Times

Your welders can only work for so much time before they need a break. While people might be sharp and on the case at the beginning of the working day, they might tire or lose focus by the end of their shift. Their productivity might not be consistent as the day progresses, and you might need to hire more people to work on larger or more frequent jobs. You can only produce work for as long as your employees are able to work.

If you use robotic welding solutions, then you can work faster and for longer. A robotic welder will work at the same rate all of the time. So, your productivity will increase and be easier to plan. Plus, robotic welders don't tire; they don't need breaks. You could run a robotic system 24/7 if you need to. You'll finish jobs faster and increase your capacity which could help you win more orders.

3. Lower Production Costs

Every welder you hire comes at a cost. You have to pay their salaries and benefits. You also have to cover any wastage and clean-up costs. For example, if someone overwelds, then they use more material than they need to. If they don't create clean welds, then you might have to clean up items at the end of the process.

Robotic welders don't need payments or benefits. They are less likely to waste welding materials, so you'll save money there. Plus, they create cleaner welds, so your clean-up time, and its associated costs, will reduce.

For more information, contact robotic welding solutions providers.