Sand Is Useful For More Than A Great Day At The Beach

11 November 2021
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When you think about sand you might envision sandy beaches. Sand has many uses and many households have products that were made using sand. It might be easy to dismiss how important this material is. Do not make that mistake. Some individuals confuse sand with being dirt. There are many products that require sand as a primary ingredient in production. The following points identify a few uses for sand

Masonry and Concrete Mixes

If you have a brick home, the mortar likely contains sand. The addition of sand makes that mortar stronger. Concrete products may also contain sand. The material is added into a mixture with other materials until the desired consistency is reached. Projects that require sand to be mixed with other materials or chemicals need to be done by professionals. This is because incorrect mixing might render the mixture ineffective for its intended use. The end result can be concrete products or projects that have a short lifespan. Some concrete mixes have instructions on how much sand to add to concrete mixes.


There are a variety of ways to use sand to make a landscape more appealing. Consider creating a relaxation area on your property. Sand is a great addition to sitting gardens. You can incorporate a variety of elements to create an ideal sanctuary. Sand is a good material choice for creating a beautiful edge around water. You might want to install it around a pond or pool. Water has been closely related to sand for many years, which is why the mention of sand often evokes thoughts of a beach. If your landscape has pavers, sand is a good choice for filling space between pavers. Sand is also useful to curb the growth of weeds. Landscapers know the appropriate application processes to use to get weed issues under control.

Playgrounds and Volleyball Courts

Sand can be used as a barrier in areas where falling down is likely. Sand installed on playgrounds where children play can be beneficial. Falling on the material can help avoid accidents that might otherwise result in scrapes, scratches, or bruises. Unprotected paved areas are likely to cause minor injuries if a child falls. Volleyball courts are also full of activity and falls are common. The presence of sand can act as a cushion and prevent injuries from falling down.

A sand supply company is a good resource to use to discover more ways to use sand. Some of these suppliers have other outdoor supplies such as clay and quartz.