A Look At Important Uses For Couplers In Industrial Applications

30 October 2018
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Across the many industries that make civilized life a possibility for society, there are many different types of equipment used to carry out business as usual. Some things are large, such as huge industrial pumps and massive boiler systems, but there are also some really small components that are just as important. Couplers are the perfect example of a small and important item that serve highly valuable purposes in an array of different industries. Take a look at some of the important uses couplers serve in industrial applications and you may gain a new appreciation for the smaller tools out there being used every day. 

Fire Hose Couplers for Firefighting Industries

When those who are fighting a fire with a water hose need to make a quick change to the equipment that they are using to extinguish a fire, they rely on quick-change couplers to connect different attachments to the hose. These couplings are available in a range of materials, from aluminum and steel to brass and titanium, and most fire engines that house a fire hose will have several different couplers in their toolkit to use when they are needed. Most couplers used in this application will have a quick-connect feature so an outer ring can simply be pulled down so a new connection can be made. 

Tri-Clamp Couplers for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Tri-clamp couplers are an ever-important fixture in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. You will find these couplers on things like oxygen tanks for patients who need oxygen treatment and even on some type of infusion IV pumps in a small version. These couplers have a deep-seated foot that reaches down into the line or pipe that it is connected to in order to prevent leakage during changes. Most of the couplers found in this industry will be made of medical-grade stainless steel so it is easy to clean and sanitize and will not cause concerns of contamination. 

Dry-Break Couplers for Chemical Handling Industries

When workers are making line or pipe changes that are connected to toxic chemical containers, it is absolutely critical that none of the held chemicals are leaked out into the surrounding environment. Therefore, couplers that have an integrated break-off function to completely stop the flow of fluids or gases are used. Dry-break couplers are specifically designed for this purpose, boasting a lever-like ring around the outside of the coupler to turn and stop the flow before a change is made.