3 Reasons To Consider Custom Packaging Boxes

19 April 2018
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If your business relies on shipping products to customers, you should consider custom packing boxes. With custom boxes, you decide exactly what you what. If you are considering an alternative to your shipping solutions, check out these three reasons to consider custom packaging.

1. They Fit Each Item Perfectly

One of the worst problems with buying something online is getting it and opening it only to discover it's broken. Too many business cut corners on packaging materials or forcing items into boxes that are the wrong fit. When you choose custom packing however, you can customize them to your specifications. You'll also save money on packaging items. For example, instead of getting a box and filling it with packaging peanuts, simply get a fitted box with pre-attached foam to protect the item from damage. You'll also save on postage because you can choose smaller boxes.

2. They Provide Better Service to Customers

Custom boxes are also great for pleasing customers. Even if an item isn't damaged when received by a customer, it can be unpleasant to see a package or back that looks like it's been through the wringer. It simply shows customers you only care about their money, not if the product reaches them in time. With custom packaging, it shows customers you care enough for the little touches. In fact, it may give the illusion that you are spending more on packaging than you really are, which shows customers they are first, not their money.

3. Custom Boxes Are Marketing Tools

Any box will get your item to where it needs to go, but it won't make you stand out above the rest of the industry. This is why many companies are using custom boxes as marketing tools. You can customize the box to fit your mission statement and reflect your company's beliefs. For example, if your company sells vegan food, you can build a brand that you are an environmentally conscious company. By using boxes made from recycled materials or other renewable materials, you do a better job of reinforcing your brand in the customer. Plus, when friends of customers see the box with your name and logo, they are more likely to ask about the company and products.

Custom boxes are a great choice for any business that ships products. Not only does it show your customers you care by getting the product to them safely, but it can also actually help build your brand. For more information regarding custom boxes, contact a manufacturer like Packsize Now, LLC.