Things Needed For A Metal Cutting & Fabrication Business

26 October 2017
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Cutting and fabricating metal is something that is needed for numerous things, which is why providing such services is a great business to start. With a few tools and pieces of equipment, you can start offering metal fabrication services in no time. You can actually start such a business from home if there is any space for the equipment and supplies that are needed for providing services. For example, a garage is a great place to run a metal fabrication company out of until you are ready to move the business into a commercial building. This article has a list of industrial tools and equipment that you should consider for a metal fabrication business.

CNC Lathe Cutting Machine

There are different machines and tools that can be used for cutting metal, but you will find that lathe machines are the most ideal. A computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine is able to cut metal with more quality than some of the the other cutting equipment. You will actually have the ability to use a code that can be programmed into the lathe machine. Basically, the code will act as a guide for the machine to cut metal a specific way. Each project that is completed for customers can be done via programming a new code into the lathe machine.

Carbide Inserts for Cutting Tools

You might want to purchase a few carbide inserts for your metal fabrication business. Carbide inserts are basically used along with other cutting tools to make machining faster. The inserts can also leave metal with a smoother finish than other cutting tools, which is something that your customers will appreciate. The part of a CNC lathe machine that is used for cutting metal is where you can use the carbide inserts. Keep in mind that the inserts can also be custom made if you need them shaped in a specific way.

Stud Welding Equipment

Fabricating metal for people will involve some welding being done. It is a good idea to invest in welding equipment that is able to produce the highest quality of work. For example, stud welding is one of the most ideal ways to bond metal together. The bonds will not only be difficult to break, but they can be created in a speedy manner. If you opt for doing such welding, be sure to buy a large supply of studs for completing projects without worrying about running out.

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