Proper Maintenance For Your Hydraulic Seals

12 October 2017
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Being able to rely on machines that utilize hydraulic power is essential for many businesses. In order to ensure that your machinery will perform properly in the future, you need to take the time to maintain your hydraulic seals. These seals play a critical role in helping to maintain proper hydraulic pressure so that your equipment can perform properly and safely.

Here are three simple tips that you can use to improve the condition of your hydraulic seals and keep these critical parts properly maintained in the future.

1. Keep your oil clean.

When it comes to maintaining your hydraulic seals, it's essential that you take steps to keep the engine oil moving through your machines clean. Contaminated oil contains particles that are suspended in the viscous liquid.

As the contaminated oil moves through your machine's hydraulic chambers, these suspended particles can tear or lacerate the machine's hydraulic seals. Keeping your oil clean with routine oil changes will help to eliminate hydraulic seal failures in the future.

2. Store your spare seals properly.

Replacing worn or damaged hydraulic seals with new seals is essential when it comes to maintaining your machines. In order to ensure that you have access to a functional seal at all times, you need to store your spare seals properly.

You should always keep hydraulic seals in their original packaging. This will help the seals stay properly lubricated and prevent the rubber materials used to construct hydraulic seals from starting to dry out. Only handle the seals when making repairs, as the oil from your fingertips could disrupt the lubrication process and should be kept to a minimum.

3. Make sure your hydraulic cylinders are mounted properly.

While you might not see the connection between the proper mounting of your hydraulic cylinders and the overall integrity of your seals, the two are related. When your hydraulic cylinders are not mounted properly, they can vibrate excessively during use.

This places additional strain on the seals and can cause them to experience higher levels of friction than normal. Firmly mounted cylinders will help to extend the life of your hydraulic seals in the future.

Being able to properly maintain your hydraulic seals will ensure that machines relying on hydraulic power remain fully functional well into the future. Take the time to keep your oil clean, store your spare seals properly, and check for proper mounting of your hydraulic cylinders to improve your seal performance over time.