Having Resturaunt Problems With Your Commercial Pipes In An Old Building? Get Better Pipes And Grease Traps

12 October 2017
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If you are running a food business out of an old commercial building and you are having a lot of complications with the plumbing, there are some changes that you may want to make. If you have items that are getting clogged in the drains, the pipes aren't pushing water through or draining as needed, and you have odors from the drains, there are some things you want to take into consideration to improve the business. You want to look into these different options for your business and have them installed or completed by a plumber.

Drain Flushing

Have the drains and pipes flushed to remove the grease, bacteria and other build-up that is accumulating round the drains and pipes. This will push out some of the clogs that are causing problems for your drains, and it will help to remove odors at the same time. When bacteria and debris is stuck around the pipes, the smells linger into the open space. Have this done with all the plumbing in the building.

Plastic Grease Trap

Plastic grease traps are more ideal than metal traps for your commercial space because they are composed of a poly combination of materials that is durable, and they trap grease from clogging your pipes or going into the main water system for the city. Look into these options if you are still using a metal option, to get better flow.

Larger Pipes

The pipes that were installed years ago may be too narrow and small for the amount of water and items that get washed down the drain at one time, or when the water is running for extended periods of time, and this is why the pipes are clogging and having problems. Talk with the plumber about getting new pipes to solve these problems and to improve the space.

If you have been running your restaurant for a long time with a lot of old piping and plumbing, and you know that you have to make some changes to stop the water and grease from clogging up the drains and pipelines, get a plumber into the space right away. The debris will clog, smell and attract pests, and it's going to erode some of the pipes at the same time. These are all ideal solutions to help deal with the problem that you are having now, and it may be time for a plumbing overhaul.