Tips For Designing & Selling Your Own Jewelry

11 October 2017
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Selling jewelry is a great business to get into if you want to travel while making sales. The reason why is because it is easy to load a large quantity of jewelry in a vehicle of any size. A great way to make your jewelry more valuable is to start making your own, as it will be unique. All you need is the right kind of tools and materials to get started, as well as invest in marketing services from a professional. This article provides tips in regards to making and selling jewelry.

Get a Crucible Bowl for Melting Metal

An important tool to have when you begin making your own jewelry is a crucible bowl. Basically, the bowl can be used for melting a variety of metals in a safe manner. Graphite is one of the common materials that the bowls are constructed of, which allows them to withstand high temperatures of heat. There are a variety of crucible bowls that you can choose between, such as different sizes to meet the needs of your business.

Purchase a Variety of Metals

If you want to add value to your jewelry other than it being handmade, use precious metals to create it. For instance, if you want to stay within a specific budget, silver is a great metal to purchase for your jewelry. You can also stock up on copper, as it can create beautiful pieces of jewelry that your customers will love. Gold is an ideal metal option for getting the top value for your designs.

Find Beads & Stones for the Jewelry

You can create jewelry pieces that consist of only metal, or you can add beads and stones. Being that you intend on traveling with your jewelry business, it is a great way to stock up on beads and stones from various locations. For instance, if you travel internationally, Africa and India are great places to find unique beads. Going to craft stores is a great place to find a variety of beads and stones as well.

Market Your Jewelry to Gain Attention

After you have a nice selection of jewelry made, start marketing your business. Keep at least one of each of your designs to ensure that you can recreate similar pieces in the future. Thorough marketing can be done on and offline if you hire a professional to help. Don't forget to get a website for your jewelry business as well.

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