Oil-Field Thread Protectors You Need To Keep Your Equipment Running

10 October 2017
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While most oil field equipment is strong and durable, there are some pieces that are more delicate and need to be protected any time you move or store the machine. Any damage to these parts can mean you need to replace a much larger part, or you risk getting oil leaks or having a section clogged so the oil will not flow through the machine, causing more damage. The threaded ends of any pipe are a concern for you, and they need something to keep them from warping and bending. Here are a few types of oil-field thread protectors you should keep on hand to keep the machine running properly.

Tubing Thread Protectors

Oil flows through tubes to work the hydraulic components of the machine. It will have threaded ends where it meets the oil reservoir and the valve for control. When you move the equipment, the tubing can jerk around and break free at the ends. To keep this from happening, you need to disconnect it all. However, leaving tubing open and unprotected increases the risk of damage. Both the male and female ends need to have caps that can be inserted or placed over the threads.

Casing Thread Protectors

Most tubing is protected by a casing. The casing is a thicker, steel pipe that is kept in place with cement to prevent it from moving. A single casing may hold multiple tubes inside and will have different connectors along it to allow for tubes to go where they need to go. Each connection is threaded to allow for easy disconnection during travel and shipping. Like tubing threads, both the male and female ends need to have protection anytime the casing is disconnected.

Tool Joint Thread Protectors

Tool joint protectors are designed for both tubing and casing protection. In addition to protecting the thread, they are closed at the ends to prevent anything from getting into the piping. Small animals and insects can climb into a larger piece and build a nest while the equipment is being stored. They could also climb in deeper and become trapped in any open valve.

Keeping your machine in good operating condition means taking as much care of the small parts as you do the larger ones. In many cases, it is the smaller pieces that are more easily damaged. While they may be smaller in size, these parts are often crucial to the operation of a machine. Always keep thread protectors in stock and make sure they are used when needed. For more information, talk to companies like Bettis Oilfield Products.